Annual membership fee for WICCI Malta is €50 Annually per person or business. WICCI Malta is a
corporate member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, registered thereunder as an association.
Members of WICCI Malta, ar e required to also be members of the Malta Chamber of Commerce
and will then subsequently fall under the various WICCI think tanks. If you are not already a
member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, you can obtain membership under WICCI Malta an
no extra co st other than the annual WICCI Malta membership fee, a much discounted amount in
comparison to an individual or corporate membership with Malta Chamber of Commerce.

WICCI Malta Members will also be entitled to participate in events and functions organised by
WICCI Malta and would benefit from discounts available to members only.
Individuals who apply for membership must also provide their curriculum vitae (CV) primarily so
that WICCI Malta can help them effectively network. Individuals and businesses can also provide
their logos, to be used in directory and advertisement listings.

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