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Meet our Councillors & Deputy Councillors

Jane is the founder of Sapphire Real Estate Group in Malta, elected as Councillor in the Local Government and the first woman independent candidate for Prime Minister in the 2022 elections, she is negotiator and dialogue builder in both private enterprise and public leadership. Jane believes negotiations and diplomacy go hand in hand for building win-win strategies and solutions for all. She studied diplomacy with Partit Laburista, one of the major political parties in Malta and trained in UK Brighton for the last week of elections in 2008 where she campaigned for a candidate. 


She was elected as Local Council Member under the ticket of Partit Labusita in her locality of St. Paul’s Bay for 2012 – 2015. Her duties included social policy, foreign affairs, education, sanitisation and health. Being in the real estate business for 28 years, negotiations come naturally to her. Lately, she was entrusted by the Maltese Government to have negotiations and agreements with the Government of Oman and the Middle East. As a businesswoman since 1995, she has carved a niche for itself as a credible and reliable company with innovative ideas in the Maltese and Gozitan real estate markets. 


A woman of quiet determination who overcomes challenges with grit and resilience, she inspires trust in her clients and community. With a team of experienced consultants, her business involves selling, renting, relocating and restoring the beautiful traditional old houses in its towns, villages and alleys that are rich in architectural heritage that she is passionately involved in preserving. A healer in heart and nurse by training, Jane is ever attentive to serving those in need and pain, and encourages every woman to rise forth with confidence and courage to express her vision of a better world for all. 

Josette was born in Birgu, where her mother was a teacher, she started by following the same career, at first teaching Literature, Italian,and Maltese. In her methods of teaching, she introduced drama to reach more students.

For 13 years Josette Ciappara taught at the Girls’ Junior Lyceum, Żejtun. In 1977 she started attending a drama course at the Manoel Theatre Academy of Dramatic Art (MTADA). She also won a scholarship offered by the French embassy and two schools in the UK to study theatre abroad. On her return, she was asked to be a member of the Drama Unit and a tutor at MTADA from where she had graduated as a student.

In 2001 she was appointed head of the Centru Mikelang Borg at Blata l-Bajda, which had replaced MTADA. In her last year as Principal at the Drama centre, she organized an International Drama Festival.

As an actress she held the main roles ,among other productions, in Phaedre, Antigone, The Birthday Party, Hedda Gabler, Is-Sibt il-Hadd u t-Tnejn, Processo a Gesù, The Good Woman of Schezwan, Macbeth, Kamikaze, and in the television series L-Agenzija, Santa Monika, Caqqufa and Strada Stretta.

Some of her directing assignments have included 6+6=13 for TVM, Wilt l-Allat, Andrelisa It-Tfajla tal-Palazz, L’Inferno, L-Infern ma Jistax Jistenna,  Il-Borg Pisani, Il-Jien u Lil Hinn Minnu, Il-Kennies Tal-Genna, Faith Hope and Charity, Hekuba, Il-Mitt Fehma tal-Kavallier John Giordmaina.

Life Learning Academia Malta (LLAM) is owned and led by Justine Cassar Gaspar. Since 2011 Justine has been working as a co-ordinator and co-operator for Professor Edward de Bono, a Maltese physician, psychologist, author and inventor. Father of Lateral Thinking and brain training pioneer. She has facilitated the set up of the ‘Palace Of New Thinking’ , a global platform that uses Dr. Edward de Bono’s techniques to generate new ideas on global issues. Justine has built a Global network and has acquired advanced skills in co-operating with networks of different countries including MENA region. 


Justine is a co-operator, supporter and facilitator for National and Global NGO and Charity projects. She is a certified Learning Professional and has created national economic projects one of which; mentorship and teaching working skills to children with special needs supported by the Presidential Office of the Republic of Malta. In December 2020 Justine Cassar Gaspar became a board member of the European Association for Political Consultants (EAPC). In May 2021 she accepted a Polaris Award representing the ‘Palace Of New Thinking’ conference ‘Alternative Approaches for Global Management of the Covid-19 crisis’. She has been appointed SME Councillor for the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) in Malta. In May 2022 became Chairperson to EAPC Academy – an academy that fosters democracy through education.

Life Learning Academia Malta is growing into a large and well-supported network. It is supported by Malta Ministry for Education, Malta Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Malta Chamber of Commerce, Experts, Entrepreneurs and Global Universities. It has the honor of requests for co-operation on National Corporate projects and is well respected by large corporations such as ENI Oil. Currently, Life Learning Academia Malta is co-operating with Universities in Scotland and USA offering managers and executives the first ever COLP (Certified Organizational Learning Professional) Diploma and MsC Degrees in the very current business specializations of Organisational Learning and Sustainability.  It also co-operates on programs with Harvard Business Publishing Education.

Life Learning Academia Malta thrives to be at the forefront of organisational learning to lead organisations towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and equip the people with skills for the ‘future of business’.

Anita is a business reform and restructuring specialist with 25 years of experience in strategic and business planning, corporate finance, operational management, risk advisory, EU funding and cost-and financial control. Driven by a passion to crunch numbers and critically analyze business situations, she has built a reputation for having strong attention to detail, foresight when it comes to taking strategic decisions and having a knack for using numbers to understand patterns that influence businesses and find practical solutions to problems. She has combined her academic qualifications, technical hands on experience and business acumen to successfully assist companies, including public corporations to raise finance and expand their businesses both locally and internationally. Anita’s professional career started in auditing and advisory in a Big Four firm. After holding various senior management and advisory positions in both the private and public sector, Anita joined a midtier audit firm to build its advisory service line.


Under her leadership, the advisory practice which she founded, was bestowed with the title of the Advisory Firm of the Year’ awarded by the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) 2015, a first in Malta. She left the firm as a partner to set up her own independent Advisory Practice. During her former appointment as Director of Finance of the University of Malta, Anita served a number of committees and boards of the University of Malta Group of companies. She is presently Vice-Chairperson of the Manoel Theatre. Anita graduated in Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy and Management and in B.A. (Hons) Accountancy from the University of Malta. She earned her Certificate in International Business and Executive Masters in Business Administration, from ENPC, Paris and University of Edinburgh Business School. She holds an Auditing Practicing Warrant and is also a Fellow member of the Malta Institute of Accountants, and a member of the Alumni network of the University of Malta and also alumni of the network of the University of Edinburgh Business School. Anita is the recipient of MSV Life Top Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Corporate Financier of the Year, 2014; and the award of the best dissertation in Management Accounting, 1995. In 2015, Anita became a founding member of Women Directors in Malta, and a member of the Business and Professional Women organisation. She is married to Jason and has two daughters, Nicole and Kathryna.

I am a Midwife by profession and I have been the co-ordinator of the National Parentcraft Services, for almost 20 years, where our Mission is “Education and Support”.During this period, I have developed Parentcraft Services from an elementary unit to a professional entity, where we do not only reach the expectant couples, but also the general public through publications, radio/TV, social media, video modules in Maltese, etc.We have also extended our education to include early pre-conceptual education, where we educate students, starting from secondary schools to post-secondary and tertiary levels. I am presently also holding talks with Kana Movement to offer education to engaged couples.Other education includes sessions for grandparents, and liaising with other Departments to offer information in other areas, or in the creation of leaflets/booklets etcI have actively participated in conference organisation, and been a lead organiser in others. In my delivery of information, I work hand-in-hand with a number of entities, Govt. Departments, NGOs, etc., participating in many round table discussions and consultation meetings on various policies and strategies, where I can provide wider knowledge obtained through my studies and research in Bioethics and in Systemic Family Therapy

Phyllisienne Brincat (born 21 April 1963) is a Maltese singer, song-writer and singing tutor from Haz-Zabbar.


Phyllisienne started singing in public at the age of 3 when she was enter in a singer baby show.


Phyllisienne Brincat Brincat runs her own recording studio called Sweet Notes in Qawra, where she's also in charge of all the musical arrangements, recordings and mixing.

Her three children - are also active in the local music scene. Phyllisienne has taken part in many music festivals and also works as choir director, vocal musical arranger, choreographer and actor.

In parallel to her music career, she is one of the Born Again Christian worship leaders in the Full Gospel Praise Centre at Buġibba. She also preaches the gospel regularly on the local media.

In September 2014 Phyllisienne took part and ended among the finalists in the final night of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza , with the song Tħobbni Kif Jien. With this song also won the prize of the Televoting chose by the general public.

Dr Geraldine Spiteri has been a Maltese advocate since 2002 and subsequently qualified in EU & Comparative Law (Magister Juris, University of Malta) and International Maritime Law (LL.M. IMO International Maritime Law Institute).

Geraldine manages the marine and aviation departments of Acumum with her main practice areas being maritime and yachtingaviation and transport and corporate law. Geraldine also lectures at various educational institutions in these fields.

Geraldine’s experience includes:

  • Providing corporate and legal support to various multi-national companies in industries ranging from ownership and operation of superyachts and aircraft, to manufacturing and distribution of food and drink products, perfumes and other products, IT and related services including consultancy, lead generation and software translation

  • Ship, yacht and aircraft registrations in various jurisdictions around the world, as well as the registrations of mortgages and bareboat charters

  • Commercial and financial management of high value assets such as superyachts and business jets, including corporate administration of the owning companies

  • Provision of legal advice and contract drafting and negotiation in matters including acquisitions, charters and mortgages of ships, superyachts and aircraft, seafarers’ employment agreements, as well as general other contractual matters

Outside working hours, Geraldine enjoys yachting and the sea, the arts, reading, time with her friends and her cats and extensive travel.

Lorna Vassallo (B.A., L.P., M.Jur.) graduated as a Legal Procurator and specialised in European Law, but her love of languages led her to a long teaching career of the main European languages (English, Italian, French and German). She also obtained certification in Arabic, Spanish and Russian. This also helped her to embrace touristic guiding later on in life. Culturally, Lorna Vassallo’s experiences range
from TV production/presentation and theatre production on a national scale to the translation of two French plays (Vinaver and Molière) into Maltese.


She was a regular political columnist in a Maltese daily (1999-2019) and ‘The Times of Malta’ (2004-2007). She published 6 books, 5 of which belong to a series of books about the Maltese language. In 2011 she did an EU Conference Interpreting Course at the University of Malta. She also ran three times for national elections and once for EU parliament elections. As from 2016 she started a career in diplomacy, first as a Desk officer in the Political Section of the Foreign Affairs Ministry in charge of North Africa, and later in
the section in charge of Sub-Saharan Africa. Since January 2020 she was appointed Attachée at the Embassy of Malta in Berlin.

With more than 10 years experience in marketing and business development, I helped many companies and clients to market and develop their products and services internationally. 

I am passionate in what I do, because it is my priority to see my clients satisfied when we reach the final step of our path together. Leading projects with dedications I always provide a space to nurture creative concepts with an admiration for innovation, environment and sustainability. I am more than proud to be part of this community because I am sure I can work with my other colleagues to pursue the best we can do to benefit the entire community. 

Alda Bugeja began weaving when she was 5 years old. She uses traditional tools and techniques and been teaching eaving since 1999. Today, master weaver Alda Bugeja is one of the few artisans remaining that is specialised in Malta's traditional weaving craft, for which she was awarded the national award for Achievement in Industry in 2000. Weaving has been a part of Alda’s life since her early childhood years. Watching her mother and older sisters skilfully weave intricate patterns, it did not take her long to start experimenting on her own. She is passionate about preserving this traditional skill while ensuring high quality is preserved, both in the raw materials that are used as well as in the weaving techniques employed. Weaving is one of the oldest crafts that has survived in Malta over thousands of years. For centuries it was one of the main sources of income for rural families across Malta and Gozo, with most families owning their own wooden weaving looms at home that they they would use to weave all their items of clothing and bedding.

Born on the 18th September 1967 in Malta Gloria was educated at local private schools. Demonstrating a talent for art she went on to specialize in graphic design. Her design skills were further developed through her studies in fashion design and fabric
printing in Florence Italy. Following an apprenticeship under the guidance of Roberto Cavalli, designer of the
famous international label, she returned to Malta and at the age of 25 Gloria launched her own fashion brand. Becoming the leading pioneer in the fashion industry the brand quickly developed into a franchise with over 10 outlets and over 25 employees.
In 2003, after the birth of her son, she started questioning her fashion career as this involved an incredible amount of travel and it did not fit her new set of values nor her new state of motherhood. With her desire to lead a more sustainable way of living and
her need to focus more on her family Gloria decided to sell the fashion franchise. At that time Gloria was growing more aware of her need to explore holistic spirituality and alternative therapies.

Now Gloria is a host to many spiritual leaders that hold various workshops in subjects such as herbal remedies, raw food diets, energy and healing, yoga and spiritual exercises. Her love for nature took her to her new home in the country at her family’s farm.
The estate was her father’s pride and joy and after his sudden passing Gloria took on the challenge of turning the land into a sustainable income producing farm. Within a few years the farm developed into an organically certified producer of fruit,
vegetables and a gourmet olive oil. Now the estate employs 20 people who each have their own responsibility in running the
farm. Various workshops and tours are held on the estate to raise awareness about making the right sustainable choices in life. The estate is also a natural space open to schoolchildren and families who enjoy being in the country having picnics and other events. Gloria also finds time to design beautiful interiors and transforms houses into charming spaces. The necessary transformations continue to reflect her holistic philosophy through her design of living spaces. 


Gloria is above all a multi-faceted entrepreneur who is always ready with good advice to her friends that often turn to her inspiration.

My name is Nicole Penza and I am an 18 year-old student currently studying to sit for my A levels, aiming to continuing my studies in the University of Malta, coming October. I come from a very supportive and loving family, and I am one of three siblings, being the eldest. I
strongly believe in values, respect, and a healthy lifestyle. I also have a passion for the arts. At an early age I started practicing the performing arts, and nowadays I do tv commercials as a hobby, and possibly also as part-time job in the media. My goal is to pursue a career in Marketing, and perhaps run my own business one day. In fact, this summer I shall be working at a company called Norwex, where my role will be that of an administrative assistant. Besides my interest in business and marketing, care for the environment is a
concept I keep very close to my heart. One of the reasons I decided to work with Norwex is because they work towards reducing the amount of harmful chemicals in our environment, for a more sustainable future. I am also a big animal lover. A year ago I was chosen to take part in Miss Malta, representing my hometown, Ibrag. As Miss Ibrag, I have chosen ‘women empowerment’ as my advocacy as I am very much aware of the lack of acknowledgement and underestimation of women’s work in today’s society, when compared to men.
Therefore, I wish to bring more awareness of equality between the two. I believe that the most effective way to do this is by educating people from a young age, to treat those around them the same, regardless of their diverse characteristics. In this way, we could
erase society’s label of women, and prove that we can also be brilliant leaders.

Rachel Tua is a self-employed lawyer nowadays specializing mostly in the fields of Criminal, Civil and Family Law.

She has previously been a legal consultant to several igaming companies, before which she held the position of Director to a recruitment company namely Unique Recruitment Services.

Owing to her maritime interests, she has taken up several courses at Mcast in colloboration with ongoing nautical activity.

Additional courses which she has taken up include an accredited Medicator's course, with the result of which she has been able to be of great help to couples enduring conflict and duress.

Upon achievement of warrant and being admitted to the bar, owing to her family background in politics, Tua has joined the Labour Party and nowadays holds the position of Equal Opportunities Officer. She seeks pride in providing that she is an activist against domestic violence.

In 2012, she has contested the Local Council Elections and nowadays also holds the position of PL Councillor within the locality of Mosta.

Tua's Goals are to set up a professional law firm, with a sector specifically providing for victims of domestic violence.

Mary Grace Gauci B.A. Chinese, L.I.A.S. & Archival Studies, the founder of Equinox Enterprises Limited in 1991, an Industrial and Procurement Company serving the local industries and manufacturers in electronics, ship building and repair,  pharmaceuticals,
footwear, clothing, tobacco, aviation services, financial services, and  information technology services, from incubation through maturity of various projects.  Equinox was the avant-garde for Safety & Security awareness and a special responsiveness in Personal
Protective Equipment. The name Equinox was conceived from the concept of balance, equality, yin yang philosophy and the light and dark lines of barcodes, of which bar coding introduction on the Maltese Islands thirty years ago was the baptism-of-fire for Equinox.
Since in her early teens Ms. Gauci struggled with inequality towards women and fought back the prejudice and discrimination, confronting taboos with a determination that women are made of the right stuff.  Married to Christian Gauci with two children, Jonathan and
Alison and three granddaughters,  she lives in the small village of Kirkop.  She speaks four languages fluently and also read a degree in Chinese Studies. She also read a degree in Library, Knowledge Management and Archival Studies.  Since 2013 a volunteer at the
Notarial Archives where she assists in the conservation and preservation of documents some of which are as old as 1431, truly believing that we need to look after our impressive Maltese heritage and convinced that our history will be rewritten.


In 2013 to present Ms. Gauci has been appointed Secretary to the National Forum for the Family, also known as Kumitat Tishih Familja, a Committee that discusses strategies and proposes policies to enhance the well being of all forms of families.  Submitted policies were
successful and fruitful. In 2018 Ms. Gauci has been appointed as a Member on the REWS Board of Directors. REWS
is  the Regulator for Energy and Water Services,  a public corporate body with regulatory functions regarding services relating to energy and water in the Maltese Islands. It was established by the House of Representatives through Act XXV of 2015. 
Mrs. Gauci is a true believer in education and social support to all with a special significance to children, the elderly and all those vulnerable and will keep partaking  and contributing for a just and happy society.

Nadette Azzopardi has the role of Head Education within BICC. She has a Masters in Sociology, B.A.Hons in Social Policy and Diploma in Social Studies. She was the coordinator of the Skill Card Policy and now Chairperson of  the Education and Training working group at BICC.  She is also a member of the BICC Executive Board

Maria zammit is creative & innovative thought provoking individual who was privileged to born in business family, who is running successful business from generations.
Her family business background and her first hand knowledge of geo politics made her smart and savvy.
She studied political science and foreign affairs And worked with several politicians and foreign affairs related jobs in her Country.Her first hand knowledge about foreign affairs & Geo politics is an asset in her profile.Business is in her blood and her first hand business teachings from her Grand father ,father & husband have paved the path for her entrepreneur life.
Her fathers business wisdom ,and her mums  passion for cooking inspired her so much that, when the right opportunity come she flawlessly entered her self in hospitality & restaurants / social club business.
Her education & upbringing is her deck of cards in her hand to excel in every business she entered.
In less then 5 years she and her husband managed to open two successful restaurants and they are working on another one already
Apart from their hospitality businesses ,they invest in young talented people.Its part of their team building strategy for their business.

Dr. Cristina Micallef is a Public Health physician with a special interest in International Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Travel Health. She carried out various projects including the ESF project regarding medical physics, the introduction of therapeutic radiography training, learning disability screening, besides others and also forms part of the Covid response team. She also carried out voluntary work in Peru and Guatemala. She obtained her Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Travel Health from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and her Masters Degree in Public Health and Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Malta She is currently reading for a Ph.D. in International Public Health. 

I am a warranted and experienced Art Psychotherapist, and guest speaker, facilitating creative therapeutic sessions to children 4 years upwards and their families, to young and older adults, groups and staff support. My main specialisation is making use of the arts and creative processes to facilitate healing, psychosocial education, talks, and creative social actions, in different contexts and to diverse audiences and cultures. I am also specialised and qualified with years of experience in working with children, with adult groups, and on strategic and psychological environmental and sustainable matters.



My bio is written chronologically with the intention to highlight & pay tribute to the pre-shadowing & sequential emergences that have directed my life to this moment in time.



The points below summarize my characteristics and experiences, which will hopefully be validated as my life bio unfolds.


  • Intrinsically, I’m perceived to be an encourager, deep listener and teacher.

  • Professionally, enterprising, a networker and a personal & business coach.

  • Vocationally, a spiritual consoler, companion & guardian


In March 1992 I had an unexpected mystical encounter resulting in a renewed spiritual awareness. At church (after a 16 year lapse) fortuitously, I was lead to a very ministering priest namely, “Fr Victor Farrugia” who turned out to be the catalyst for my inner healing and my spiritual formation & transformation. My parched ‘being’ was thirsting for more of this spiritual sustenance.



Here, a healthy obsession emerged in attending daily church services, numerous talks, groups, conferences and courses that gradually refocused my life to its highest and most meaningful cause: I could see how life progressively culminated all, in this moment in time



Engagements to serve, speak, teach, coordinate and facilitate healing and formation programs throughout various parishes steadily flowed in whereby life-transforming liberations were bestowed and subsequently testified.



Rewinding back to 1994 (2 years after my mystical encounter). I prayed a nine-day Novena specifically seeking guidance on how I was to serve God? On the ninth day I saw myself holding a microphone before a group of people who were each sharing their transformation story and we were also being filmed. I was sure that this would eventuate soon after, but it did not and I had abandoned the idea and regarded the encounter as being merely my imagination.


Surprisingly, sixteen years later, by yet another set of unexpected circumstances, I was called out to host and interview guests on a TV program about their transformation stories.


I include the details of this anecdotal encounter in the hope to pay homage to the unseen source that orchestrates and navigates one’s life.


In 2012 I visited Malta for ten days where I secured a cosy 1-bedroom maisonette located across the road from a Catholic Church. “Was this by chance or by design’?


In 2013 “Fr. Augustine Lape Okoth” a priest from Kenya, who I met on three occasions, during his visit & stay in Melbourne, was to providentially, arrive in Malta one week earlier than me. He invited me to speak to a group in the town of Paola before celebrating a Holy Mass. Unprepared, I reluctantly accepted!


Other engagements followed which resulted in my commuting between Melbourne and Malta. After my talks, individuals would ask if they could meet me privately and herein the ‘one on one’ consoling sessions were birthed and have continued via word of mouth referrals ever since.


I close my paralleled ‘life & faith line’ story by paying a heartfelt tribute to Jesus my “Source of Love, Light and Life” and I am grateful to be a catalyst amongst the numerable bearers of His light.

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