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9th March 2022 - President of WICCI Malta Jane Chircop submits nomination as an Independent Candidate on the 2nd and 12th District for the General Election 2022 on 26th March 2022







5th August 2021 - 5th November 2021

WICCI Malta Awards night and Gala dinner

WICCI Malta presented 92 Awards

8th June 2021

Gwida Interviewing the President of WICCI Malta Jane Chircop to introduce WICCI Malta


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Building a Movement That Works for Women and Their Participation in Business

The President, Ms Jane Chircop announces the progress already made within the WICCI community

WICCI is a global community with an innovative structure and strategy founded by Dr. Harbeen Arora. The President of WICCI, Mrs. Chircop shared various information regarding the plan of this movement.

“As a pro-women national community, as well as pro-family because we believe that women are the center of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry family, it aims to promote the entrepreneurship of women entrepreneurs with government, institutions, global trade and various networks. For greater support for women in business and professionals. "

Ms Chircop goes on to tell us that apart from WICCI, there are several movements that work hard to spread the strong potential that female business service providers as well as female professionals have.

Ms Chircop stresses that WICCI is working hard to reasses government rules, laws and incentives where necessary with the aim of giving women a proper opportunity in all sectors with fresh new ideas that fall under businesses and professionals worldwide, with the goal of building a woman’s future firmly.

According to Ms. Chircop, thousands of office bearers around the world are giving women high-level and honorable opportunities. These include the positions of President, Vice-President and Member of the council within the following councils:

Bilateral Business Councils

National Sector Councils

State / UT Councils

State / UT Sector Councils

apex National Council

Ms Chircop says it is a priority for these councils for women to take part in discussions for various decisions and laws, in strong connections between women from India, and from all over the world to be based. on wisdom and values, in social protection and in the success of development and economic support with more compassion, more kindness and family support.

Ms. Chircop is appointed as the president of WICCI and has already appointed a Vice President and 21 Maltese councilors to join as a complete team to unite this council, all experts in 22 different fields. Ms. Chircop tells us that WICCI continued to grow on January 21, 2021.

For the first time in the history of Malta, WICCI Malta female joined for the first time with the Malta Chamber of Commerce and an MOU was signed where they joined in association with them where even the founder Dr. Harbeen Arora was also present virtually during this ceremony. Two Chambers work together for one purpose.

WICCI also plays its part in offering help and support to countries with humanitarian crises such as wars or natural disasters. The community intends to continue to present its visions and various written recommendations to the authorities concerned. On Women’s Day last year, Ms Chircop revealed with satisfaction that Malta hosted the Annual Women’s Economic Forum for the year 2021 where all the proposed visions were presented.

As a priority WICCI had its first mission as a Malta team where it organized and sent a convoy to children and people from Yemen who are suffering from hunger and poverty due to a war that has been going on for 7 years. Thanks to the promotion on social media, the great heart of the Maltese and Gozitan people, and the financial help from the Minister Hon. Evarist Bartolo, the convoy to Yemen was a success.

Thanks to this convoy, children and people from Yemen were provided with various basic necessities, clothing, food for babies and all people, and other products. For example, it sent us a strong global message that even one of the smallest countries in the world made a sound to promote peace.

On March 25, Ms. Chircop revealed with satisfaction that Malta hosted for the first time the Annual Women Economic Forum for the year 2021 and due to the pandemic it was done virtual and we had many live participants from all over the world. where all the proposed visions were presented.

It was based on 22 chambers of each councilor who are in different sectors where it was discussed with the wisdom and opinions of the same forum for the way forward with a vision after the world pandemic.


25th March 2021 First Virtual Women Economic Focum Summit held in Malta

8th March 2021 Women's Day

President of WICCI Malta Jane Chircop proposes the living wage and raising the vibration to 'Domestic Manager'

15th February 2021

WICCI Malta sends the first Humanitarian Aid Container to Yemen sponsored by the Minister of Foreign and EU Affairs

25th January 2021

WICCI Malta joins the Malta Chamber

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