Message from Jane Chircop

President WICCI Malta

Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Malta India Bilateral Business Council



Dear Maltese, Gozitan and Non-Maltese brothers and sisters,


The reality that all families are facing now, is that of the cost of living. WICCI Malta, consisting of a President, a Vice President and 22 female councilors, all experts in their field, is pleased to announce this new idea and concept, from the bottom of my heart, which has been coordinated with the councilors, where we are offering to give away 180,000 entitled families across Malta and Gozo. This discount booklet is called “SHEconomy Discount Booklet.”


This digital booklet has discounts from small businesses, usually family businesses, and thus, at the same time, one helps the other for these businesses which have also been hit by the pandemic.


The booklet is a limited edition for a period of one year expiring end of April 2023 and can be used at any time by any family member who will invest a €5 as an administrative contribution, while saving you hundreds if not thousands of Euros all year round.


This booklet will also be updated every beginning of every month on the website as we have other business companies that would like to contribute. There will be no need for the individual to pay again.

In my election campaign, where I contested as an Independent Candidate in the 2022 general election on behalf of WICCI Malta to be the voice of civil society, I have the honor to say that I campaigned sustainably without the use of paper.


With the money that have been saved on Marketing, it will be given back to 180,000 families to help small businesses and save thousands in their consumption per year. From the bottom of my heart I hope that this digital booklet will be of great help as I promised in the 2022 Election Campaign.


Yours Sincerely,

Jane Chircop President WICCI Malta

Sheconomy Discount Booklet!